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35th Annual Cape Cod Symposia

Clinical Psychopharmacology: Overview and Recent Advances

- Ross Baldessarini, M.D.
July 2 - 6, 2018, Cape Cod, MA

Program & Presenter

Ross Baldessarini, M.D., is Professor of Psychiatry and in Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School and Director Emeritus of the Psychopharmacology Program and Director of the International Consortium for Bipolar & Psychotic Disorders at McLean Hospital. Dr. Baldessarini is known for his research and teaching in psychopharmacology and general psychiatry. He is the author of over 2,300 scientific papers and several books, including Chemotherapy in Psychiatry: Principles and Practice, 3rd edition (2013), and for many years the chapters on psychopharmacology in the standard textbook of pharmacology, Goodman & Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics. He has served on many editorial boards, including that of the American Journal of Psychiatry and JAMA Psychiatry. For his exceptional teaching skills, Dr. Baldessarini was awarded the first prestigious NEEI Mental Health Educator of the Year award.

Symposium Description

Dr. Baldessarini’s symposium will review the current status of psychotropic drug treatment of psychotic and major mood disorders, with an emphasis on the research base on which sound clinical practice rests. Participants will learn an integration of research findings and relate these to principles of informed clinical decision-making so as to enhance treatment effectiveness and safety. Participants will learn an updated view of the chemical nature of agents in each class, their major actions, and disposition, short- and long-term clinical treatment, including applications in pediatric and geriatric practice, risks of adverse effects, and emerging advances in new and experimental treatments.

Symposium Schedule


  • Introduction to psychopharmacology: History and current trends / Introduction to antipsychotic agents: Their neurobiological action mechanisms and pharmacokinetics / Clinical indications for antipsychotic drugs / Questions and discussion


  • Short-term management of treatment and dosing of antipsychotics / Comparative efficacy among antipsychotic drugs / Long-term indications, effectiveness and risks of antipsychotics / Questions and discussion


  • Mood-stabilizing agents: Lithium, anticonvulsants, antipsychotics, and others / Short-term management of acute manic-depressive phases of bipolar disorder / Long-term prophylaxis for bipolar disorder / Assessment and management of adverse effects of mood-stabilizers / Questions and discussion


  • First- and second-generation antidepressants / Their neurobiological action mechanisms / Pharmacokinetics and blood levels / Clinical indications for antidepressants in mood, anxiety, and other disorders / Short-term efficacy and long-term effectiveness of antidepressant treatment / Adverse effects of antidepressants / Questions and discussion


  • Pharmacology of suicide and other mortality in psychiatric patients / Enhancing long-term treatment-adherence through a “consumer’s” perspective/Integration of pharmacotherapy with comprehensive care of patients / Open discussion